Several times this happened,feeling not confident. But for men it is very important,a couple of times the guy did not get up at the right time,all have self-esteem below.

Started taking sildenafil(viagra,Pfizer) is a strong tablet,hard on 2 days in a row,unreal and 1000%.Pfizer, expensive. Tried price 1st paserbsky,bought 15 table. generic,they are rather weak,but for me, what you need,my dose. I have enough. Dealt with the men they generics do not help. If you take sildenafil,it is addictive and regular generics are no longer pull,the dose needs to be increased. I use rarely,only when you need a day to do( meeting in the country with his mistress, 1 every 2 weeks). And sometimes from time to time with a new girl.

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PS. Although remnants of the pills I stashed, you never know.
Generic Viagra promotes the natural response of the body to erotic stimuli. Drug action is based on restoring natural processes in the body. So Generic Viagra is a pretty safe drug.

In General, viagra is a by-product of heart medication. Some wise guy tried to concoct a super-medicine for the core, when the "field trials" he noted that subordinate patients there is a severe erection.

The action of Viagra is based only on local increase of blood flow in the cavernous body of the penis, and it does not cause increased sexual desire. It does not improve libido and is not "exciting" tool. Viagra just suppresses enzyme which influences a blood flow in the penis. And for her actions if you are sexually aroused.

"These berries also has a very high percentage of antioxidants that optimize blood flow to the genitals. And they, unlike other fruits, contain a minimum reserve of polysaccharides, which allows to maintain the energy level due to the small number of calories," says Holford.

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High doses of the drug enhances the manifestation of side effects, can cause pain and redness of the eyes, convulsions, nosebleeds, fainting.
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So in essence, the "patient" must be present the desire to do sekasom, and viagra he just helps the case to exercise (increasing blood flow).
In principle, a similar mechanism should be women - a rush of blood to the genitals.

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Storage conditions
At room temperature, out of reach of children.
Shelf life of five years.